Sulaiman James Kemokai



Sulaiman James Kemokai, the Co-founder of Fonati Soccer Academy is a U.S Citizen with about
10 years of protective services and residential coordination experience. He has a vast knowledge
of various investigative principles, techniques, and procedures, Texas laws relating to adult
protective services, gerontology, and the dynamics of the aging process, as well as the special
problems of the aged and disabled. Sulaiman holds a Bachelor of Business Management degree
from the University of Phoenix and a Master of Science degree in Finance from Kaplan University.
Sulaiman started his career as an Adult Protective Services Investigator Specialist I at the
Department of Family & Protective Svc, Georgetown, Texas, and rose to the post of an Adult
Protective Services Investigator Specialist IV. Prior to that, he worked as the Resident Coordinator
at the Lubbock State Supported Living Center, Lubbock, Texas where he performed administrative
and programming duties that include supervising and evaluating direct care staff within the
residential unit amongst many other duties.
Sulaiman developed an interest in sport at a young age but could not get the needed support. Hence,
he is passionate about giving young athletes the support they need to excel in their chosen sport.
Sulaiman is interested in aiding the provision of the economic, social, and national development
needed to ensure sustainable futures for the athletic youth and families of Travis County and
Africa/Sierra Leone. He believes that participating in sport from a tender age not only builds
character, and confidence but also teaches leadership, coordination, patience, and discipline while
building the mental and physical strengths.
Sulaiman is a lover of sport. He is passionate about contributing to the growth of the youth via
sport and giving back to his community. He is happily married and blessed with wonderful